Juncus paludosus

Species:Juncus paludosus E.L. Bridges & Orzell
Common Name:Swamp Rush
Associated Ecological Communities:**
Growth Habit:Herb
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Taxonomic Notes:At the time of description in 2008, no specimens from Alabama were listed. Later, Knapp (2014) discovered older specimens identifiable with this taxon from Alabama. Additional specimens may be in Alabama herbaria but misidentified as other similar species of Juncus. These include J. polycephalos, J. validus, J. nodosus, and J. megacephalus.
References:Knapp, W.M. 2014. Juncus fascinatus (Juncaceae), a new combination in Juncus sect. Ozophyllum and notes on morphologically similar species. Phytotaxa 174(5): 243-260.

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FamilyJUNCACEAE - Rush family
Genus Juncus
Species Juncus paludosus E.L. Bridges & Orzell - Swamp Rush


Citation Juncus paludosus E.L. Bridges & Orzell, Novon 18(3): 294. 2008. (2 Sept 2008).
Basionym: **
Type: FLORIDA: Highlands Co.: moist sand stream banks and adjacent overflow ditch on S side of Morgan Hole Creek bridge at Kissimmee Rd. Avon Park Air Force Range, 15 May 2003, S.L. Orzell 26085 (holotype: USF; isotypes: BRIT, FLAS, FSU, GA, MO, NCU, NY, TEX, US.)

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