Fothergilla parvifolia

Species:Fothergilla parvifolia Kearney
Common Name:Kearney's Witch Alder
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Growth Habit:Shrub
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Taxonomic Notes:An extremely rare shrub in AL, GA, and SC that for years was thought to be part of Fothergilla gardenii. However, Haynes et al (2020) demonstrated that is should be recognized as a distinct species based on molecular and reevaluated morphological data. In doing so, they only cited one specimen from Alabama in Montgomery County. This would make F. parvifolia one of our rarest shrubs.--Keener
References:Haynes, J.E., W.D. Phillips, A. Krings, N.P. Lynch, & T.G. Ranney. 2020. Revision of Fothergilla (Hamamelidaceae) including the resurrection of F. parviflora and a new species, F. milleri. PhytoKeys 144:57-80.

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FamilyHAMAMELIDACEAE - Witch-Hazel family
Genus Fothergilla
Species Fothergilla parvifolia Kearney - Kearney's Witch Alder


Citation Fothergilla parvifolia Kearney, Fl. S.E. U.S. 509, 1331. 1903.
Basionym: **
Type: USA: GEORGIA. Wayne Co.: Jesup, dry soil, 4 Jun 1893. Kearney s.n. (holotype: NY; isotype: F).

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