Jasminum nudiflorum

Species:Jasminum nudiflorum Lindley
Common Name:Winter Jasmine
Associated Ecological Communities:**
Growth Habit:Shrub
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Plant Notes:Winter Jasmine is an introduced deciduous shrub in the Olive family (Oleaceae). It is native to China, but is widely planted as an ornamental. It has been reported as an escape in Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. In Alabama it has been reported as an escape in Butler County. Winter Jasmine is a deciduous shrub with arching branches that grow to 10 feet in height. The young twigs are dark green in color, becoming brown with age. The twigs are glabrous and square in cross section. Stem tips easily root when in contact with the soil. Leaves are opposite and pinnately divided into three ovate segments. Flowers are solitary, bright yellow in color, and salverform in shape with five to six wavy petals. Flowers are produced from the axils of leaves for an extended period of time from January-March. The flowers are not fragrant. The fruit is a small black berry. Winter Jasmine is a popular and easy to grow ornamental. It will thrive in most soils types and is tolerant of drought. It can be pruned to grow upright or allowed to sprawl. It makes an excellent ground cover for steep or rocky banks that are hard to mow. Several cultivars are available including ‘Aureum’ with yellow-blotched leaves; ‘Mystique’ with leaves having silver-white margins; and ‘Nanum’ a dwarf form. Plants should be pruned heavily after flowering to promote new growth. Plants are easy to root from cuttings or limbs can be rooted by bending them over to the ground and placing a brick on them.--A. Diamond
Taxonomic Notes:This species was first collected as a naturalized element of the Alabama flora in 2011 by A. Diamond in Bulter County. (Phytoneuron 201-47: 1-13).
Status:Not Native
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FamilyOLEACEAE - Olive family
Genus Jasminum
Species Jasminum nudiflorum Lindley - Winter Jasmine


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No synonyms exist for this species.

Specimens and Distribution

This species has been reported in the following counties by the herbaria listed. An overview of the individual specimens are provided in the table that follows. Click on the accession number to view details; click on column headers to sort; choose a county or herbaria to filter the specimen data.

Counties included on distribution map: Butler, Lee

Counties represented by specimen data listed below:

Herbaria represented by specimen data listed below: ALNHS, TROY, UWAL

Range of years during which specimens were collected: -

Barcode / Accession No. County Coll. Date Collector &
Collection No.
Herbarium &
Herbarium Name Used
ALNHS00004474 Lee 30 Jan 2017 Barger, T. Wayne
Jasminum nudiflorum Lindl.
UWAL0002901 Butler 20 Feb 2011 Diamond, Alvin R.
Jasminum nudiflorum Lindl.
TROY000032805 Butler 20 Feb 2011 Diamond, Alvin R.
Jasminum nudiflorum Lindl
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