Pennisetum purpureum

Species:Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher
Common Name:Elephant Grass; Napier Grass
Associated Ecological Communities:**
Growth Habit:Herb
Plant Notes:**
Taxonomic Notes:**
Status:Not Native, FACU+ (NWI)
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** Not applicable or data not available.


FamilyPOACEAE - Grass family
Genus Pennisetum
Species Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher - Elephant Grass; Napier Grass


Citation PENNISETUM PURPUREUM Schumacher, Beskr. Guin. Pl. 44. 1827.
Basionym: **
Type: GHANA: Without data, Thonning s.n. (holotype: C; isotype: BM).

** Not applicable or data not available.


SynonymFull CitationBasionymType
Gymnotrix nitens Gymnotrix nitens Andersson, in Peters, Naturwiss. Reise Mossambique 6: 552. 1864. MOZAMBIQUE: Cabaceira, s.d., Peters s.n. (holotype: ?).
Pennisetum benthamii Pennisetum benthamii Steudel, Syn. Pl. Glumac. 1: 105. 1854.Pennisetum macrostachyum Bentham, non (Brongniart) Trinius 1834. 
Pennisetum benthamii var. nudum Pennisetum benthamii Steudel, var. nudum Hackel, Denkschr. Kaiserl. Akad. Wiss., Math.-Naturwiss. Kl. 78: 400. 1905. MOZAMBIQUE: Nhaondue, s.d., Menyhart 1118a (holotype: W).
Pennisetum benthamii var. sambesiense Pennisetum benthamii Steudel, var. sambesiense Hackel, Denkschr. Kaiserl. Akad. Wiss., Math.-Naturwiss. Kl. 78: 400. 1905. MOZAMBIQUE: Boroma, s.d., Menyhart 1118 (holotype: ?; isotype: Z).
Pennisetum benthamii var. ternatum Pennisetum benthamii Steudel, var. ternatum Hackel, Denkschr. Kaiserl. Akad. Wiss., Math.-Naturwiss. Kl. 78: 400. 1905. MOZAMBIQUE: Boroma, s.d., Menyhart 559 (holotype: ?; isotype: Z).
Pennisetum blepharideum Pennisetum blepharideum Gilli, Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien 69: 41. 1966. TANZANI: Rungwe Distr.: Kandjomere, s.d., Gilli 53 (holotype: W).
Pennisetum flavicomum Pennisetum flavicomum Leeke, Z. Naturwiss. 79: 45. 1907. TANZANIA: Morogoro Distr.: Kikundi, s.d., von Prittwitz 199 (holotype: B).
Pennisetum flexispicum Pennisetum flexispicum K. Schumann, in Engler, Pflanzenw. Ost-Afrikas C: 105. 1895. ZANZIBAR: Without data, Stuhlmann 1099 (holotype: B(destroyed)).
Pennisetum gossweileri Pennisetum gossweileri Stapf & C. E. Hubbard, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1933: 274. 1933. ANGOLA Chiluango, s.d., Gossweiler 5896 (holotype: K).
Pennisetum lachnorrhachis Pennisetum lachnorrhachis Peter, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 40(1, Anh.): 70, fig. 35(1). 1930. TANZANIA: Buha Distr.: Bikare, s.d., Peter 38862 (holotype: B(destroyed)).
Pennisetum macrostachyum Pennisetum macrostachyum Bentham, in Hooker, Niger Fl. 563. 1849, non (Brongniart) Trinius 1834, nec Fresenius 1837.  
Pennisetum nitens Pennisetum nitens (Andersson) Hackel, Bol. Soc. Brot. 6: 142. 1888.Gymnotrix nitens Andersson 1864. 
Pennisetum pallescens Pennisetum pallescens Leeke, Z. Naturwiss. 79:47. 1907. TOGO: Sokode, s.d., Kersting 719 (holotype: B).
Pennisetum pruinosum Pennisetum pruinosum Leeke, Z. Naturwiss. 79: 46. 1907. TANZANIA: Rufiji Distr.: Mtemere, s.d., Goetze 66 (holotype: B).
Pennisetum purpureum subsp. benthamii Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher, subsp. benthamii (Steudel) Maire & Weiller, Fl. Afr. Nord 1: 341. 1952.Pennisetum benthamii Steudel 1854; Pennisetum macrostachyum Bentham 1849, non (Brongniart) Trinius 1834. 
Pennisetum purpureum subsp. flexispica Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher, subsp. flexispica (K. Schumann) Maire & Weiller, Fl. Afr. Nord. 1: 340. 1952.Pennisetum flexispica K. Schumann 1895. 

Specimens and Distribution

This species has been reported in the following counties by the herbaria listed. An overview of the individual specimens are provided in the table that follows. Click on the accession number to view details; click on column headers to sort; choose a county or herbaria to filter the specimen data.

Counties included on distribution map: Butler, Calhoun, Covington, Henry

Counties represented by specimen data listed below:

Herbaria represented by specimen data listed below: ALNHS, SAMF, TROY, UNA, UWAL

Range of years during which specimens were collected: -

Barcode / Accession No. County Coll. Date Collector &
Collection No.
Herbarium &
Herbarium Name Used
SAMF0001644 Butler 23 Nov 2006 Diamond, Alvin R.
Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher
TROY000012545 Covington 12 Nov 1999 MacDonald, John R.
Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher
TROY000012544 Butler 23 Nov 2006 Diamond, Alvin R.
Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher
ALNHS00006912 Covington 06 Oct 2020 Barger, T. Wayne
Cenchrus purpureus (Schumacher) O.Morrone
UWAL0037296 Calhoun 06 Oct 2016 Spaulding, Daniel D.
Cenchrus purpureus (Schumacher) O. Morrone
UWAL0010604 Butler 12 Nov 2011 Diamond, Alvin R.
Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher
UNA00067197 Butler 23 Nov 2006 Diamond, Alvin R.
Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher
TROY000012546 Henry 28 Dec 1998 MacDonald, John R.
Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher
TROY000012547 Henry 25 Nov 1999 MacDonald, John R.
Pennisetum purpureum Schumacher
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